BVR Solutions for Motion Control

The BVR product line offers a spectrum of high-precision, high-reliability motion and position-control solutions for aircraft and other specialized applications.

These range from gearboxes and linear transmissions to actuators and servos with motors, sensors, and digital controllers.

With our expertise in electronics design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and testing, we can deliver motion control solutions perfectly suited to your platform requirements.

BVR Solutions

BVR gearboxes and gear assemblies for aircraft applications deliver precise, reliable motion control with high torque-volume ratio and low backlash and back driving torque. We offer a large choice of off-the-shelf and customized configurations with decades of proven airborne performance.

BVR utility actuators are a cost-effective, reliable solution to move doors, valves, radars, and other airframe equipment. Rugged, compact, and lightweight, they feature brushless DC and stepper motors, digital controls, high-efficiency servos, and high-performance gears.

BVR servos for the flight-control surface integrate motors, linear and rotary transmissions, sensors, and compact, digital controllers. We offer state-of-the-art engineered solutions for new commercial and military aircraft programs, as well as a range of legacy products for existing airframes.

BVR rugged, accurate analog or digital position sensor-gearboxes  for high reliability in harsh environments

BVR medical actuators from Kaney Aerospace are cost effective reliable solutions to serve your medical needs in diagnostic equipment or in the surgery room.