BVR High-Efficiency Gear Products for Aerospace

BVR precision gearing solutions for aerospace offer:

  • Proven airborne performance
  • Large choice of configurations
  • High torque-volume ratio
  • Low backlash and backdriving torque

BVR gear products are precisely engineered to offer high power transfer in small packages, ideal for direct-drive applications in aerospace, where performance per unit of weight and volume is critical.

Our engineering strategy follows a modular approach, based on our huge library of designs proven in demanding flight environments for decades. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities translate into tighter tolerances, better surface finishes, and more efficient transmission. We ship products with AGMA Quality 12 gears and offer optional superfinishing.

If you need something other than one of our off-the-shelf modules, we work with you to configure and fine tune a manufacturable, cost-effective solution, from a single gear to a complex transmission.

Typical engineering services include:

  • Load and stress analysis
  • Life expectancy analysis
  • Speed and torque evaluation
  • Accuracy and tolerance calculations (AGMA ratings)
  • Materials, heat-treatment, and finish recommendations

We also provide auxiliary components, including clutches, brakes, and position sensors.