ARP 4754A Compliance

ARP 4754A “Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft Systems” is an SAE document that has been adopted by the FAA which provides practices for showing compliance with regulations and serves to assist in aircraft and systems development. ARP 4754A discusses the development of systems taking into account the overall aircraft operating environment and functions. This includes validation of requirements and verification (by analysis or test) of the design implementation for certification and product assurance.

For complex airplane systems, the FAA will require the use of ARP 4754A. The most effective way for a company to employ the document is to really use it in the daily management of the project. As an example, ARP 4754A requires the systematic development of airplane-level safety analyses that are flowed-down to the individual systems through requirements. This can either be done as part of the engineering development process (most effective) or after the fact (least effective) to meet FAA requirements. By using the requirements, safety analyses, and test plans as part of the everyday engineering work, documentation will be kept up to date and (more importantly) the program team will have the right data to make the correct engineering decisions when needed.

Kaney Aerospace has deep experience applying ARP 4754A at the front end of airplane system development programs to reduce change, error, and rework throughout the design, build, and test flow, resulting in:

Quality Product
Lower Development Cost
Rapidly Delivered